Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning

All your children shall be taught of the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. ---Isaiah 54:13


Hoke McNeal Academy has a rich history. The vision, started in 1973, is built upon the McNeal Music Studio founded by Cynthia McNeal in Columbus, Ohio.

In September 1998, after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, the vision continued as a Family Daycare School. With their lifelong exposure to and love for music Mrs. McNeal and her brother, Frank Hoke collaborated to teach, train, and transform the lives of their students through academic excellence and the exploration of music.

After much prayer and years of preparation, in 2007, the school became Hoke McNeal Academy. As the HMA founder and prinicpal, Cynthia McNeal operates and provides primary instruction at the Academy's main campus which serves children between ages two - three. Campus B is administered by Mr. Hoke who oversees daily operations and instructional deliverey for HMA's four - six year old students.

The vision progresses towards its next phase of growth and development with Joy Scrutchings as HMA's Executive Director.

We are grateful to GOD for entrusting the stewardship of Hoke McNeal Academy to our hands. And we thank Him for His daily direction and blessings as we execute the vision for generations to come.