Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning

All your children shall be taught of the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. ---Isaiah 54:13

HMA Goals

The Goals of Hoke McNeal Academy are:

To recognize that each child is an individual and gear teaching strategies to ensure all students will experience success at their level of learning.

To provide physical, mental, social, and emotional guidance that will lay a foundation for a positive and useful life.

To provide students with a carefully planned and administered academic program within a supportive Christian environment where respect for the individual, peers, community and our core values are promoted.

To inspire children to become life-long learners and equip them with the skills necessary to properly respond to an ever-changing world.

To encourage cooperation and collaboration between parents and teachers which plays a vital role in helping children meet their full potential.

To emphasize the importance of strong character, good manners and values, concern for the rights of others, and proper conduct.

To provide HMA's setting with talented, qualified, engaging, competent, and caring Godly teachers who recognize each child's individuality and stage of development.