Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning

All your children shall be taught of the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. ---Isaiah 54:13

Core Values

The following are the core values of Hoke McNeal Academy:

HMA is dedicated to honoring the Word of God to the best of our ability in everything that we do.

HMA is committed to educational excellence and spiritual truth.

All HMA leaders, employees and support staff must seek to model in attitude, speech, and actions that reflect a consistent commitment to Christ as they adhere to HMA's Philosophy, Mission, Vision, Statement of Faith, Beliefs and Core Values.

HMA will maintain an academic program that reflects and promotes scholastic, artistic and social excellence.

HMA will seek to use the highest quality publications and materials throughout our curricula while integrating Biblical standards and precepts into the presentation of the curricula.

We believe that parents have the God-given responsibility for the education and training of their child/children.

Hoke McNeal Academy provides the opportunity for the synergy of home, school, church and community to partner in the shared task of the academic training of our students.