Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning

All your children shall be taught of the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. ---Isaiah 54:13

Board of Director's Scholarships

Board scholarships are provided and selected solely by the board of directors. These scholarships are available to students who are enrolled by the end of the first month of the new calendar school year and are awarded at the start of 2nd semester. All decisions and awards are completely left to the discretion of the board and all decisions are final. You may contact a Board member via email to request information regarding application and distribution. Our Board is dedicated to supporting and directly impacting the education of students attending Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning.

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All scholarship applications must be submitted to ldyess@hokemcnealacaemy.org by Friday, November 28th 2014. All participants will be notified by email that your application has been received and in review. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by email and mailed a letter in which to be submitted to Mrs Scrutchings by Friday December 19, 2014 in order to reflect on January billing. Student's may apply for more than one scholarship but will receive only one scholarship per family. Scholarship Options are as follows:

"Elijah and Rena Wilkinson Scholarship"

Award: $250.00

The Wilkinson family has always been known for their dedication to education, community and faith. This family is rich with visionaries, pioneers and Leaders.

Elijah Wilkinson, was born January 2, 1884, in Natchez, Mississippi. His mother worked in "The Big House" where light colored slave women had privileges that the other slaves didn't receive. Elijah and his brother were raised on the Wilkinson plantation in Mississippi where It is assumed that the Master, a local Judge in the area, was Elijah's father. When Elijah was old enough, he was sent to Tuskegee Institute to advance his education; it was there that he would later meet his wife Rena. Rena Hankins was born March 8, 1886 in Fairhope, Alabama. Her grandparents were slaves and were given ownership of property in Fairhope, Alabama, after slavery. Rena's parents insisted that their children become educated and sent them to Tuskegee as well.

In 1908, the graduates Elijah and Rena, were married and decided to move away from the segregation of the South. They migrated North to settled in a town called East Chicago, Indiana were they had 8 children and would become a major part in the development of that settlement. As leaders in the community, the Wilkinson's: helped start "First Baptist Church"; founded a 2nd sister church "Friendship missionary Baptist Church" which is still attended by some family to date; gave meals to those who were hungry; settled disputes within their community and inspired at least 12 grandchildren to receive their BS degrees. In 2 paragraphs, tell how you or your family have been visionaries, pioneers or leaders in your community.

"I Love My School"

Award: $250.00

When you love something, you do the "and then some" without being asked! When you love something, you take care of it, try to protect it and tell everyone about this "thing" you love. This scholarship will be awarded to the student who can demonstrate how they show their love for their school. Parents, you may type the document, but it must be written in your student's own words and at least two paragraphs. He/she may dictate what should be sent in for submission.

"Financial Need"

Award: $250.00

This scholarship will be awarded to a family who has expressed financial hardship. You may not currently be receiving any other scholarship that pays 30% or more of your current tuition.

"Giving Others Daily Stewardship Gift"

Award: $250.00

As Christian we are taught that 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' (Acts 20:35) This scholarship will be awarded to the student who has demonstrated their willingness and desire to give back to their community. Your child's community might consist of but is not limited to: Sunday school, youth choir, athletic team, neighborhood friends, Boy/Girl Scout, church, siblings, classmates, family etc. Please describe in two paragraphs how your student demonstrates G.O.D.S Gift, Giving Others Daily Stewardship.

"Albert and Marjory Allen Scholarship"

(Awarded 2013/2014 School Year)
Award: $275.00

This scholarship is given in honor of Albert (1939-2010) and Marjory (1939- ) Allen. In August of 1979 this devoted couple moved their family of eight from Guyana to the United Stated of America, determined to provide a better life of opportunities for their six children. While in Guyana, Albert Allen served over 15 years in the military were he achieved the status of staff sergeant. From his military experience he learned how to become a master at organization and an exceptional work ethic. Together, the Allen's instilled in their children the importance of obtaining an exceptional education and achieving their career goals. The Allen's did everything in their power to make sure their children would grow up to know more than they could ever dream of. As they began to plant roots in New York, Marjory would become a certified home health aide and Albert would eventually retire as a city bus driver after serving in many other facets of business. These determined parents never gave up or lowered their expectations in spite of their lack of higher education. In 2 paragraphs, please explain why you feel your family should receive this scholarship?