Hoke McNeal Academy of Higher Learning

All your children shall be taught of the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. ---Isaiah 54:13

Curriculum Overview


Hoke McNeal Academy presently has two campuses that are divided by our student's age with consideration of their respective level of learning. These levels also closely coincide with general child development stages. Each school is overseen by a principal, or leadership team, who is responsible for the students' academic, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Curriculum and instruction, student learning, teacher supervision, and student discipline fall under HMA's executive leadership.


HMA utilizes a blended curriculum instruction method. Student academic instruction is primarily based on the A Beka Book curriculum.


All subjects will be taught with a special emphasis upon basic skills, problem solving, study and research skills. At no time will subject matter that contradicts the Word of God be taught as fact.